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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Uncaged Review - Night and Chaos by Naomi Clark

As seen in Issue 4 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Night and Chaos
Naomi Clark
Paranormal Romance

Ryan’s past isn’t just haunting her. It’s trying to kill her. 

Ryan McCarthy fled Kimberlyn Island, her father, and her lover six years ago, desperate to build a life away from the weird science and supernatural experiments of her childhood. But everything she hoped to escape comes back with a vengeance when she’s kidnapped and tortured by a possessed madman out for revenge on the man responsible for his possession: Ryan’s father.

Now, reunited with the lover she abandoned, Ryan is forced back into a world of danger and darkness she no longer understands, pursued by enemies with powers she can’t fathom. But Ryan’s not entirely powerless herself. She’ll have to use every trick she knows—as well as the mystic gift she hates—to stay ahead of those enemies. And that will be easier said than done.

Uncaged Review: This was a good start to a new series, and there was plenty of action, and suspense. This story brings you Ryan, who for the last 6 years, has been trying to build a new life for herself, after escaping from an organization run by her father, that has been experimenting on people and transplanting demon souls (devas and asuras) into human hosts for a symbiotic relationship. It’s rare when it actually succeeds. 

When Ryan is kidnapped and tortured by a man whose experiment went horribly wrong, she escapes and ends up in the middle of the danger she left behind. It took awhile to really grasp this one, as the book is told from Ryan’s point of view, so whatever she doesn’t know, then the audience really doesn’t either. But it was not a long read, and it was well paced and I liked the characters introduced in this book. The one major hang-up I have with the book, is it ends on a cliffhanger without tying up the storyline introduced. I normally don’t mind a segway into the next book in a series, but I’m really not a fan of books that don’t tie up the storyline that it’s started. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

Friday, November 4, 2016

Uncaged Review of Queen of Lost Stars by Kathryn Le Veque with Excerpt!

As seen in Issue 4 of Uncaged Book Reviews - to read my interview with Kathryn and an excerpt from The Red Lion, please see the issue - link below.

Queen of Lost Stars
Kathryn Le Veque

1320 A.D. - Madelayne Gray l’Ebreux is the queen of all that is lost. Her child, her husband... everything. Or, so she thinks. The same battle that killed her husband resulted in the serious injury of her husband’s commander, Sir Kaspian St. Hever. As Kaspian lays badly wounded, Madelayne is asked to tend the man in a most unconventional and intimate way. Instead of using her milk to nurse her child, who was born dead, she nurses a man who is forbidden solid foods because of a belly wound. And so, a unusual and sometimes erotic relationship develops between Madelayne and her patient.

Kaspian is tended by a woman who offers him her breasts as way of sustaining his life. At first, he looks at the situation as a necessity but he soon comes to crave it. He struggles to keep his feelings from the widowed woman but it becomes increasingly difficult. For a man who has known little compassion or kindness in his life, Madelayne comes to represent everything he has been missing. She soon becomes to represent everything he wants, and he wants her.

Join Madelayne and Kaspian on their journey through life, loss, lust, and passion in this adventure - packed and unconventional Medieval Romance. Can Madelayne finally change her stars with Kaspian’s help?


Madelayne heard the footsteps enter behind her but she didn’t move. She was certain it was a servant, perhaps even someone with her dead son in their arms. Perhaps they’d come to show her, as she’d requested. Sick to her stomach, she didn’t want to turn around and look. Now she was suddenly afraid to look, panic welling in her chest. Perhaps if she didn’t look at the baby, he really couldn’t be dead. She could pretend that someone had stolen him away and she would always hold out hope that, someday, he would come back. 

But those were foolish thoughts. Deep down, she knew she was being ridiculous. Taking a deep breath, she forced her bravery and turned around, surprised to see that Mavia had entered the chamber. Right behind Mavia came Thomas, dirty and exhausted from days of fighting. As soon as Madelayne saw Thomas, fear welled in her heart and she struggled to sit up. She felt a good deal of angst at the knight’s appearance.

“Mavia, nay!” Madelayne hissed weakly. “You did not tell Thomas, did you? I do not want him to tell Cairn. I must do it!”

Mavia went to her, quickly, trying to soothe her. “Do not trouble yourself, darling,” she said, taking one of Madelayne’s hands and squeezing it. The other hand was on her shoulder, trying to keep the woman on the bed. “I swear to you that Thomas will not… darling, he has come to speak with you. Please be calm. You should not trouble yourself so.”

Mavia was being insistent and soothing, but to Madelayne, she came across as demanding. She was practically pushing her back onto the bed. Madelayne frowned, trying to push the woman away because she seemed too eager to put her hands on her.

“Did Mavia tell you?” Madelayne asked the weary-looking knight. “My son was born this morning. He is dead. I will tell Cairn myself so you must not tell him. Please, Thomas. Do not tell him!”
She was pleading with him. Thomas sighed heavily, mentally preparing what he had to say. Lady Madelayne was pale, her lovely eyes dark-circled, and she had a rather wild-eyed look about her at the moment. He simply couldn’t get past that panicked expression, terrified with the thought that Thomas was going to tell Cairn of his dead son before she could. He held out a hand to her, silently begging for calm.

“I will not,” he said, his voice dull and hoarse. “Lady, surely, I cannot. I wish to God that I could. I wish to God that you could, but you cannot. Lady l’Ebreux, God has taken Cairn to heaven to be with him. He fell in the battle at Beeston and he is gone. It is my wholly unhappy duty to tell you this news, especially in light of what happened this morning, but I have no choice. I pray that you can forgive me for the news I bear and understand that your husband died a glorious death.”

Madelayne blinked as if she didn’t quite understand what she was being told. She had not slept in almost two days, long days of laboring to bring forth her dead son, so her mind was muddled. She stared at Thomas as Mavia kept trying to squeeze her hand. She yanked her hand away from the woman, unwilling to be comforted. Her gaze upon Thomas was intense.

“That cannot be,” she said with an odd calm. “He assured me that he would be home in a few days. He assured me that it was a light skirmish. Surely he is coming home; you must be mistaken, Thomas.”

Thomas shook his head sadly. “Alas, I am not,” he replied. “Cairn was set upon by rebels and they took his life. I have brought him home to be buried, now with his son that did not survive. I am so very sorry for your losses, Madelayne. Cairn was a good man.”

Madelayne stared at the man as she came to realize what he was telling her. The news suddenly hit her like a hammer, colliding with her fragile mind, and her eyes widened and the breath left her. She couldn’t breathe at all, now clutching at her throat.

“Nay,” she gasped. “It cannot be true!”

“It is.”

“It is not! He promised to return to me!”

Thomas sighed heavily, hanging his head. “I have brought him home for you to see him,” he said, rather coldly. “He is being taken to the vault. I will take you there when you are strong enough to bear it.”

Madelayne was looking at him but she wasn’t really seeing him; she was looking through him, perhaps seeing all of those dreams she’d had with a happy husband and family, now gone forever. Swept away by the winds of fate, up into the heavens where memories and souls were kept. Cairn was now one of those lost stars, too, those dead souls that nearly everyone she had ever loved had become. 

Uncaged Review:  Don’t let the blurb throw you off this one, this is a great book. It’s a bit unconventional, but it’s a solid story, with characters you love, and a villain you hate. This is medieval times, and the English are trying to fend off the Welsh – and there are a series of castles and strongholds that they are defending from Welsh attacks. Kaspian –in command of Lavister Crag Castle along the Welch Marches, his knights and warriors are aiding one stronghold, Beeston Castle from a Welsh attack. Cairn, Kaspian’s loyal knight and second in command, is killed, and Kaspian himself mortally wounded. When they are brought back to Lavister, Kaspian is growing weaker as he can’t get nourishment. Madelayne, Cairn’s widow, gave birth to a still-born son, and Dolwyd – the psychic and doctor for the castle, suggests that Madelayne give Kaspian the gift of her breast milk to keep him alive. 

As this story progresses, the man that will stop at nothing to take command away from Kaspian, is Nicholas de Dalyn, who does nothing to stop the death of Cairn, and acts as a hero. 

This story has great action, there is violence, loss, heartbreak, loyalty and a heartwarming storyline and will keep you engaged throughout the book. You will not want to put this down for long, if you like historicals or have never read one, and even if you are on the fence with medieval times, this book may change your mind. This book will go down as one of my favorite reads this year, and being someone who reads 15-20 books a month, that’s saying a lot.

5 Stars

Monday, October 31, 2016

Uncaged Book Reviews - Issue 4, November 2016

Welcome to Issue 4, November 2016 of Uncaged Book Reviews. Featuring: Kathryn Le Veque, K.H. Mezek, EJ Bennett, Lynn Crain, Mary Abshire, Patricia Loofbourrow and Sandra Renee Appet!

Also - Fang-Freakin-Tastic Featured Author, M. Stratton!

All Uncaged reviews have been posted on Amazon and Goodreads - enjoy the issue!

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Finishing Touches....

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Uncaged Review - Never a Choice by Dee Palmer

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, please see the link below.

Never a Choice
Dee Palmer
Romantic Suspense

Bethany Thorne has secrets and she’s told a few lies but she’s hurt no-one. She just wants a better life, she works hard for a better life, a life with choices but a chance encounter at her new University with billionaire, hot alpha Daniel Stone makes her heart beat, her body tremble and rocks her very foundation. Reeling from the intensity of her unfathomable reactions to this man her world is sent further spiralling out of her control when on this first meeting he casually whispers that he knows she’s a liar. Bethany begins to feel her hard earned choices start to disintegrate before her. 

Her innate and newly discovered submissive nature is highlighted further by her extreme reaction to each encounter with alpha Daniel Stone. Seriously hot, dark and dominant he evokes an instant heat and desire she has never felt before, but he is dangerous, he is powerful and he seems to see right through her. Choosing to try and stay under his radar proves to be the first choice to slip through her fingers.

Uncaged Review: Never a Choice by Dee Palmer is Book One of the Choices Trilogy. I wasn’t sure what to expect with book that touches on a subject as D/s, which for those who aren’t ‘in the know’ is Dominant/submissive. The ‘lifestyle’ of being a Dom and having a submissive is built on trust and knowing limits. My last read on this subject made me feel very uncomfortable. However, Dee shocked me with her first book in a trilogy that I will be picking up for my private collection. Never a Choice features a young adult woman by the name of Bethany as she goes through college and learning more about herself. This leads her to meeting Mr. Stone. Now I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but the connection between these two characters is more than enough to keep me reading on from chapter to chapter.

 There is a little back story that sets you up, some history that is explained through the book, and even the ending leaves you longing for the next book. The flow of the story was perfect. Never once was I unable to keep in the ‘scene’ as I read each line.

 It was one of those books where you get lost in the pages. Dee does a fantastic job with description that I often desire and long for in erotic stories. My only complaint is that some times the things spoken during the sex scenes kind of made me snicker in amusement. Some of the vocal responses are a little much at times. That aside, I throughly loved this read and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Dominant and submissive adult novels. Reviewed by Michael

4 Stars

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Horror Extravaganza! Starts Today, Oct 25!

Drop by Myra Nour's Horror Extravaganza each day on her blog to check out a chilling read during the Halloween holiday. Runs the 25th to the 31st.

From Myra:

I'll be giving away one $25 Amazon gift card. Subscribe to my blog to be entered. Every day each author will give away an ebook copy of their creepy tale. To enter leave a comment in their blog post.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Uncaged Review - Vampire King of New York by Susan Hanniford Crowley

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read an interview with Susan, and an excerpt from Vampire King of New York, see the issue link below.

Vampire King of New York
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Paranormal Romance

Max Vander Meer, is a modern day Viking, CEO of VMeer Industries, and a Vampire. He makes a plea to the Goddess Freya to find the only woman who can heal his heart, the woman haunting his dreams. But, the Goddess strikes a bargain with him. To find this special woman, Max must return to the city he helped build–New York, which is threatened by an ancient terror. When he meets Evelyn, he is astounded. Could she be the one who inhabits his dreams? But Evelyn is haunted by loss and betrayal. How can Max win her love when she doesn’t trust him as a man, and she doesn’t want to be a vampire? If Max returns to Iceland without her, he will be encased in ice . . . forever!

Uncaged Review: Wave a vampire romance under my nose, and I’m all in. Max is an ancient vampire, alive for a millennia. The only thing that can save an ancient from going insane from being alone, is their lifemate. Max, who spends a lot of his time in Iceland, pleads to the goddess Freya for help in finding his mate. Freya agrees to help him, but if he doesn’t succeed to win his mate’s heart, he will be encased in ice for eternity. But this is only half of the story.

Max is also the founder of the Arnhem Knights, who keep the city safe from evil. When Max meets Evelyn, he knows she is his lifemate, and his wife from when he was a human Viking, reincarnated. Evelyn knows about the vampire world because of her sister Laura and her husband David, are vampires and Arnhem Knights themselves. 

This was a fast love story, even though Evelyn tries to keep him at arm’s length, she is drawn to him. Normally, I prefer a romance that brews slowly, and not books that have instant connections. But it works here, better than most. This book is the first in the series, but I may have benefitted from reading Laura’s story first, but I didn’t have any issues that hurt the story playing catch up. I think I would have liked to see a bit more descriptive paragraphs. I didn’t visualize as well, but there was some fun banter, nice action and a big heap of romance. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 stars

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Uncaged Review - Faerie Blood by Emma L. Adams

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Faerie Blood
Emma L. Adams
Urban Fantasy

I’m Ivy Lane, and if I never see another faerie again, it’ll be too soon.

Twenty years after the faeries came and destroyed the world as we knew it, I use my specialist skills to keep rogue faeries in line and ensure humans and their magically gifted neighbours can coexist (relatively) peacefully.

Nobody knows those skills came from the darkest corner of Faerie itself.

When a human child disappears, replaced with a faerie changeling, I have to choose between taking the safe road or exposing my own history with the faeries to the seductively dangerous head of the Mage Lords. He’s the exact kind of distraction I don’t need, but it’s work with him or lose my chance to save the victims. It’ll take all my skills to catch the kidnappers and stop Faerie’s dark denizens overrunning the city -- but if the faerie lords find out about the magic I stole last time I went into their realm, running won’t save me this time...

Uncaged Review: This is the start of a series, that is 4 books in so far, and it’s a good one. Non-stop action, a heroine you can root for, and a gorgeous mage sets up this wonderfully told story of Ivy, a mortal woman, who escaped from the faerie realm ten years ago alive, something no one else has ever done. Working as a freelancer to a man whose clients are supernaturals, Ivy risks her life over and over, but she gets the job done. Having some faerie power of her own sure doesn’t hurt. But when some teenage kids go missing, and it seems like the faeries and  necromancers are involved, Lord Colton – the head mage, partners (much to Ivy’s dismay) with her to solve the case. The case becomes so much more than missing children.

There is only a hint of romance in this book, but it does set up nicely for the next book. This is great new series to the urban fantasy genre, and I’m looking forward to the next book. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

Friday, October 21, 2016

Uncaged Review - Lost Son by Marcus Abshire

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Lost Son
Marcus Abshire

When Atlantis rises from the ocean floor, will humanity live to see the next sunrise? Ever since Jack was a child his only friend was his dog, Neal, an Atlantean SENTINEL, made to counsel, guide, and protect him. Now as a man, he and Neal use their unique abilities to save missing children. When a woman walks through his door, desperate to find her daughter, Jack does what he does best and is soon swept up in a plot to bring about a new age of Atlantis at the cost of millions of human lives. Can Jack and Neal stop Warlord Karakatos, or will he usher in a new age of Atlantean rule on the bodies of humanity?

Uncaged Review: This is the best book I’ve read about Atlantis in a very long time. Jack is an Atlantean, who finds kids that have gone missing, along with his Sentinel who looks like a black Labrador, Neil – who has been with him for his whole life and they communicate through their mind. The author does a great job with this task, and it never gets confusing. Jack is faster and stronger than normal humans, and is content with what he does in his life. When Jack goes after a young girl, and finds out she is also Atlantean, all hell breaks loose, and someone is now out to get him too. When the young girl, Kim, and another Atlantean woman who came to Jack for help are kidnapped, Jack will need to travel back to the sunken city to rescue them, and in the process, learn the truth about his heritage and the city.

A lot of great action scenes, with a Warlord trying to take control of both Atlantis and raise it back to the surface and take control of the world in the process, has Jack scrambling to stop him. The author also introduces werewolves and vampires, and how they came to be is very original and creative way. There was a lot of humor, violence, and great fight scenes and the author gives us terrific character and world building. The ending ties up the storyline well, but leaves it open for sequels.  Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Interview with Sharon L. Higa

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read an excerpt from Horrors & Occupational Hazards and to read the Uncaged Review of Where the Dead Have Gone, see the issue, link below.

1) What was your first book? When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

I actually wrote three novels within a two month period. I wrote #6, Rose and Steel and A Safe Place (a mystery drama much like Fried Green Tomatoes), which I am still working on.  I began telling stories and writing little tales down when I was nine years old. I come from a long line of story tellers, mostly horror, and when I was six years old, my cousin - who is much older than me – would sit down and tell me all kinds of scary stories. Thus, the horror/writing bug bit me and I was hooked.       

2) Who are some of your favorite authors now, and what genres do you tend to read the most?

I would have to say my favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, and Brian Lumley. The most recent authors whom I have fallen in love with are several with whom I have the honor to share anthologies and are also publishers as well as authors. To name a few: Jack Rollins, Catt Dahman, Toneye Eyenot, Amanda M. Lyons, Stuart Keane. If I continued, my list would be a mile long at this time! LOL
I read primarily horror of any kind, but I love just about every genre there is, except what my grammy used to call “The Bodice Rippers.”  I just am not a girly-girl, so romance is out.  Apologies to all my Romance buddies out there! :)

3) The short story, Where the Dead Have Gone, is a real creepy treat. It brings up the feelings when you read about a lot of the closed asylums, and if they are haunted or not. You couldn’t get me in one, I’ll tell you that. Did you read up on the old closed asylums and the way people were treated for this story? 

Sirens Call Publications took a chance on a new author and for that I will be forever grateful. They helped launch my writing career, along with the fantastic JEA Press. 

No, actually, that story is one of personal experience and it was difficult for me to put down on paper. My best and dearest friend ended up spending one year in an asylum – the year myself and my parents moved overseas. I did not find out about this until I returned, and when we were in our twenties, she found out the place was being torn down to put in new townhomes.  She and I snuck in there, and we walked around, and I discovered that everything she had told me throughout the years had been true, including the metal shackles in the walls in the basement rooms. Now, she and I are both psychic, and we didn’t stay long in there – but it set up the narrative in my mind, which eventually blossomed into the story, “Where the Dead Have Gone.” 

4) Where is your favorite place to write? A lot of authors love to listen to music, and even have a playlist for their book. Do you like to listen to music while writing, or do you prefer quiet?

I don’t listen to music, as I have family members living with me, so I have learned to write pretty much anywhere in the house, at any time, even when politics are on the TV! *grinning*  I usually write in my recliner, my Teagle pup between my legs snoozing, or, I end up being awakened at 3 a.m. by my Muse, (doesn’t matter what day of the week to that slave driver :)  where I grab my laptop and go write at the kitchen table for two, three or four hours. 

5) What’s in the near future for you? What can we expect to see coming? Will you be involved in more anthologies?

I am currently working on a Zombie Western novel, a horror tale about a female demon wrangler in Hell, a serial killer, and a haunted house that is actually alive. I have another zombie novel coming out by JEA Press in the very near future, and I love anthologies – at least seven of them coming out with me in them as well this year. Please check out Dark Chapter Press’s offerings, and JEA Press – two phenomenal publishing groups!  I love horror and anything to do with the supernatural, so that will be my primary focus in the future.   

6) This short story was so well written, I felt the terror that the boys did, and the ending was not what I expected. Are we going to see more horror type work from you in the future?

Most definitely. My leanings have been towards subtle Hitchcock type horror with a twist, but I have also begun to get into a little more intense horror, which I am finding refreshingly challenging. I love to stretch and test my mental limits with horror!

7) What would you like to say to fans, and where can they follow you?

To all the fans, I want to say, THANK YOU – because without people willing to read my work, and give new authors a chance, I would never be able to grow and continue to appreciate the gift of story- telling that I have been blessed with.  Anyone can follow me on my website:  I have listed all of my current novels, novellas and the anthologies I am in.  I also do a Monday weekly wordpress blog, so I am more than happy to promote my fellow authors. Anyone can email me at the address listed on my website if they want me to blog about them, or add them to my authors list on my website as well.  

Sharon L. Higa has been a published author since 2013, with one short story, Where the Dead Have Gone, published by Sirens Call Publications, as well as three novels - #6, Rose & Steel, Desert Tracks, two novellas, Horrors and Occupational Hazards and The Dam, all published with JEA Press, as well as over twenty-five Short stories published with four publishers.
She has received the ‘Editors Choice Award’ Title in two Anthologies published by JEA Press,
Autumn Burning: Dreadtime Stories for the Wicked Soul” and “All That Remains.”
She also won the ‘Males vs Females’ Competition by JEA Press against her estimable and noteworthy fellow author, Michael Fisher.   
She received an award from JEA Press for being very  ‘Professional’ in her interactions with both fellow authors, and the Staff at JEA Press.

She also received ‘First Place’ Title with the submission and acceptance of her short story, 
 I C U, published by Sirens Call Publications in their October, 2014 E-Zine.

Her short story, The Black Cat, was one of seven stories chosen and accepted by Dark Chapter Press for their anthology, “Eight Deadly Kisses.” The proceeds for this anthology are committed to CAMFED, a charity providing education for girls and young women in Africa. 

She has been married to hubby Mark for twenty-five years. They share their home with seven cats, one dog, and a ton of wildlife on 6 acres of property which surrounds their house, located in East Tennessee.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Uncaged Review - Drop Dead Gorgeous by Donald Allen Kirch

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Donald Allen Kirch

“Would you like to hear a story?”

The man couldn’t help himself. His captor was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her powerful eyes held his attention and made him forget that she had him confined in a basement; his hands and feet bound with duct tape. His heart raced as he meekly nodded his head ‘yes’ to the question.

After getting past the terror and discomfort, he reasoned that there was nothing to worry about. He would be missed. He had loved ones who would call the police. All he had to do was wait. Letting this woman tell him a story was as good a stall as any.

The mysterious woman weaved a tale of betrayed love and unwanted, unnatural experiments placed upon her. Of a loving wife, working on a top secret government program. Of a husband searching for love in all the wrong places. The prisoner couldn’t believe what he was being told. A descent into insanity, fueled by a jealous rage, ended with using the tools of science for torture and revenge.

With every blink of her lovely eyes, licking of her full lips, and heaving of her perfect breasts, the captor entertained a story most bizarre. Of a woman bent on teaching her cheating husband a lesson.

The prisoner wondered....”Am I next?”

Uncaged Review: This has to be one of the weirdest, most twisted, and completely engaging books I never expected to read. A whole lot of horror, dashed with a bit of sci-fi, and a sprinkling of humor, and emotionally – you never know who to cheer for. Do you fall for cheating Ray, or cheating Steve? I never did decide. 

So we start with Ray, who is kidnapped by Eve, and wakes up bound and tied in a basement with rotting corpses in a corner. And it’s only getting started. Wait until Ray is forced to listen to Eve’s story of how she came to be as she is. You will hate Ray, and then feel sorry for him. There is a roller coaster of emotions in your decisions to like/hate these characters and it doesn’t let up. And wait until you meet Steve and Annabelle. Dr. Frankenstein could learn something from these characters. Great read, very original storyline – worthy of its rating. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

Monday, October 17, 2016

Uncaged Book Reviews - Issue 3, October 2016

Uncaged Review - Running Scared & Hunted by Bronwyn Heeley with Excerpt!

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews, to read the interview with Bronwyn, please see the link below.

Running Scared
Bronwyn Heeley
Short Story/Thriller

You always say you’d stand and fight, but when you witness the death of your loved ones, are you certain your feet won’t take off and lead you on a merry-go-round?

Witnessing the murder of my family had me on the run. I didn’t know where I was going, or why I was left standing, but that didn’t stop my flight instinct from kicking in. I ran screaming, but he found me, and now I’m trapped in a hotel with a madman. What does he want from me and am I going to survive long enough to find out?


Mum was always the one to walk into the closet to make sure the monsters were all gone each night before I went to bed.

She was the one who told me it was okay to fear. She made sure I was always safe when she was around, and if she couldn’t be, she’d give me something to take her place.

It was a stuffed rabbit. By the time I could remember owning it, I’d held the rabbit for nearly five years. It’s actually one of my oldest memories.

The rabbit, which had been a nice baby yellow, when brand new, had turned a greyish colour, but I was more than sure that was years later than my first memory of it. As it stood now, me at the tender age of twenty-two, it only had one ear, long, paper-thin, and crusty from years of being chewed. The other a replacement ear from a bear. The stuffing were those little beads, settled in the arse and its toes. However, one of those had seen better days.

I remember this because I wanted to be clutching my rabbit now. I wanted my fingers around the head, suffocating poor Scratchy as the butt snuggled into my armpit.

Screams pierced at my ears—my mother’s, my sister’s, yelling for the pain to stop, for everything to stop! Panicked, I try to run away, to turn invisible as I slowly back out of the room. Tears ran down my cheeks. I want nothing more than to run to them, to get him to stop.

A pulse in my head started beating rapidly, rebounding around my mind fast and strong. Pound pound pound. As if it was ready to jump out of my skin and dance the hula on my grave.

I pray I’m not making any noise.

My feet are heavy as I drag myself along the hall, a hand trailing against the wallpaper, slowly making my way towards the front door.

Moans of pleas dance around me, sounding as if they were far away, then right on top of me. I’m alive and dead, dreading the moment he finds out I’m still in the house, that I’m not asleep, or locked up somewhere.

I don’t know why he hasn’t seen me yet, why he didn’t check out the house before standing over my family. Before he started the butchering I’d witnessed.

Fear rides me hard, I understand that as my hands shake and my mouth turns dry. I want to run. I want to scream, I want something to happen. The fact that I’m walking now is almost scarier.

Why is it possible? When is he going to see me? Hunt me down and do to me as he’s doing to my family.

Sweat slides down my spine, running cold, making me shiver while heat licks at my face, my neck. I’m all over the place, hoping and praying that my fingers are going to wrap around the front door handle, but I know it’s not going to happen. Any moment now, any fucking second, I’m going to get grabbed from behind and dragged to my death, and from the screams and blood-curling pleas, coming from my mother’s room it’s not going to be fun sailing.

My bladder punched at me, I need the toilet, needed it in the worst way possible. I wasn’t even sure why. I mean yeah, I just woke, but honestly I hadn’t even really fallen asleep before all this happened.

I reach the front room, the door is right there, just a few feet away. In reach. I push out a breath of happiness. I’m excited, I’m shaking, but breathing becomes ragged, hitting me as I suck in more than I let out.

I stumble, hitting things that aren’t there.

I jumped, heart leaping into my throat, closing it up, as a scrape sounds from behind. It had me instinctively turning, but I caught myself just before making the most basic scary movie. no. no. I bump into the counter, it rattles, making a loud noise in the quiet room. There’s no way he doesn’t know I’m here now.

My fingers fumble on the table, I grabbed my mum’s purse, taking the hard leather, then ran for the door, not caring anymore, just knowing that I need out. I would be safe once I get outside.

I clutch at the door as it swings open, rolling around the hard edge taking myself outside.

I look back, not able to get to the other side without looking. In most ways, I can’t help myself; it’s almost a compulsion. I can’t not see what’s chasing me. Can’t not see if he was actually there or if I was home free.

I see a reflection as a cabinet door swung open. Its shone into the hallway revealing a man standing there, young looking and covered in blood. His jeans looked almost black in some areas, his shirt ripped as if someone had pulled at its collar. A butcher’s knife in his left hand, a smaller one in his right. Blood dripping from both blades.

A smirk lined his face, nearly deviously happy with himself.

My body shakes, violently, getting me moving again. I blinked, not releasing I’d stopped.

“I’ll find you,” was voiced from somewhere behind me, and a laugh, fucking hell, the laugh, it was like something you’d hear coming out of a man who knew he’d done a good job in the sack.

A beep shattered the world, making it shift and wobble as I slowly made my way out the door.

It happened again. I stilled, not sure what was real and what wasn’t.

Fear drenched me as I turned myself around, frantically reaching out, trying to find some common ground.

Hard plastic hurt my hand as I hit something at an odd angle.

I cried out in surprise and then pain, as darkness folded around me.

Uncaged Reviews:

Running Scared

This is a short read, but a heart thumping trip, with the character of Charlie, who is trying to escape from a killer in her home, who’s already murdered her mother and sister. Slipping out of the house and running away, feeling just the need to get away from the killer.

In a short amount of time, the story gives you the fear and all the scattered thoughts of a person trying to outrun a killer. I can’t put too much into the review, as it’s a very short story, but the author succeeds in what they set out to do, to get your heart pounding, turning the pages. Would be a great campfire story to read when you’re sitting around telling thrillers. 

5 Stars


Another short story, and more heart pounding running. The story is of a girl, who gets away from a serial killer, running through woods and through a river – all the time her imagination is playing so many games with her mind from fear. You feel her plight, and her emotions throughout. Another great campfire story, especially when you are trying to scare everyone into not being able to sleep. 

Great short story, sets out what it intends to do, and even though it’s short and another story about running – the ending is much different than Running Scared, but very much a good short thrill.

5 Stars

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Uncaged Review: Red Paradise by James W. Bodden

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Red Paradise
James W. Bodden

The shadow of a new, dominant species casts over the ruins of the old world. 
Hunted by a deadly, viral predator, a lawman, a tiger-striped gigolo, and a steely smuggler come together to unravel the mystery behind a remote grove rumored to remain immune from the outbreak and out of reach from the shadow of death. The closer the expedition gets to their destination, the more vulnerable they become to this Promised Land’s temptations and each other. At the heart of this seductive, alien Eden, they slowly realize that paradise doesn’t belong in this world.

Uncaged Review: This was a read that I have torn feelings on. The book itself is well written and flows nicely. James did a fantastic job making sure that you knew exactly who was speaking at what time and each character, no matter their importance, had a very memorable personality. Some more than others. However, each chapter often cycled between multiple characters and every chapter flipped between the different groups. Sometimes it felt like I was reading two different stories, which isn’t always bad, but certain times it was required for me to go back and scan for what happened when it was brought up in the next chapter for that group.

The book was a fantastic read and if you enjoy having a story being told from two points, you’ll love this book. I enjoyed it enough to finish it rather quickly and while the adult scenes lacked a bit of description for my taste, it was an amazing read. My favorite part of the book is getting to know how the characters think of the corrupted and torn world they lived in. James did a fantastic job making it clear how the world was and how humans adjusted to it. Description everywhere else was magnificent and little hints in each chapter about one thing or another kept me reading on. Many questions were answered by the end and even more created. Reviewed by Michael

3 1/2 Stars

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Uncaged Views Tops 17K

Just a huge thank you! Uncaged Book Reviews, Issue 3 - October 2016 has topped 17,000 views in 2 weeks! For a new emag, this is surpassing my goals already! Thank you to all the authors, readers, promoters, assistants and publishers. Keep enjoying the issue as we prepare for November. You all rock!

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Uncaged Review of Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds by Savanna Kougar with excerpt!

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews, to read the interview with Savanna, and see some other works by Savanna, please see the issue link below.

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds
Savanna Kougar
Paranormal Erotic

Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered ~ What happens when two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds find just the right witch for Halloween?

Blurb: Kandace doesn’t know why she’s a real witch. Despite her powers, she can’t find her biological parents. When the Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage at a charity event, Kandace agrees to dance with the mysterious Supernaturals. Unexpectedly, they are threatened by the omnipresent evil she’s been warned about in her dreams. To keep from being enslaved, Kandace brings forth her greater magick. But, to save her homeworld, she needs her Hellhounds.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades’s most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, see a witch sliding down the bannister after her heist of a painting. Spellbound, they know they’ve found just the right Kandy Apple to lick for Halloween. With every passion, Zin and Zol woo their chosen witch. Will their Triad mate stay once she learns they can’t fall in love like humans? Or will she return to her homeworld? 


Grabbing a breath, Kandace crept toward the door. This time she expanded her awareness to the interior, checking for anyone else, before turning the knob.

The door cooperated as if she’d put a spell on it. Slipping inside, she closed the door so there was not the tiniest sound. She pivoted around and waved her hand, creating a soft illumination.

Paintings adorned all four walls of the private office. A mixture of modern, impressionism, and realism, they were all forgeries, to her utter astonishment.

That is, except for the painting Kandace planned to steal back. Of course, many collectors had forgeries done of their prize pieces, keeping the real art in secure underground vaults that were, more often than not, lavish showrooms.

Psi-detecting forgeries had become a magickal specialty of hers, ever since Kandace’s sister, Meredith—also adopted by her parents—had opened up her own small art gallery, then been tricked by a man supposedly selling his original.

Curious, Kandace roved her gaze over the eclectic selection of paintings, unconcerned about surveillance measures. There would be none in this keep-all-deals-under-the-table office for the rich and famous.

While something pricked at her about the collection, something she didn’t have time to figure out, Kandace moved toward the painting stolen from her friend. Valerie and her husband had found the early Frederic Remington painting at an estate sale.

Despite the layer of grime, Valerie had known. Since the age of twelve she’d had a love affair with the Western artist, and already owned every print available.

Kandace paused, studying the wall around the Remington for any hidden alarms. Discovering one, she disabled it with a point of her finger.

A slight hiss of sound alerted her. Inadvertently, she’d triggered another alarm and the mansion’s security team would be headed her way.

Keeping her cool, Kandace aimed her finger directing the Remington from the wall, and onto the Georgian antique desk. Swiftly flowing her palm over the frame, she found the embedded RFID chip and GPS locator. Loosening the frame with more of her magick, she carefully removed the precious canvas.

Shutting her eyes, Kandace concentrated, then zapped the Remington to the trunk of her car. She followed it with her mind’s eye, watching the painting settle within the climate-controlled container.

Rapidly moving toward the door, Kandace eliminated the illumination she’d manifested. Cracking open the door, she peeked out. An army of footsteps rushed up the main stairway. From the other end of the long corridor she heard the jogging run of another team.

“What’s a witch girl to do?” she whispered, gently closing the door.

A whole lot of tricks so not up my sleeve. How easy peasy cool would it be to suspend them on the ceiling with a snap of my fingers?

Kandace battled her temptation to do just that. However, a blatant use of magick was never smart in a world ruled by science.

Plus, she’d already had a few astral run-ins with psychics working for the shadow government. They regularly searched for specimens like her to be rounded up or recruited.

Backing away, Kandace raised her arms, and focused on centering her force. Wiggling her nose like Samantha in Bewitched, simply for the fun it, she brought forth an invisibility cloak.

While it would only last for a few minutes, that should give her enough time to rejoin the charity event. Appearing to be innocent in the face of her magickal heist was crucial.

Hearing the tromping charge of security, Kandace retreated to wait beside the desk. The door flew inward and the lights blazed on.

Guns drawn, the guards entered like the professionals they were. Their gazes swept the room thoroughly, but fast. Splitting up into two-man teams, they began a systematic search.

The instant the doorway cleared, Kandace made a beeline for it. As she escaped, she wished she’d thought to take off her heels. Still, she’d worn her mid-thigh bouffant skirt since it didn’t hinder her.

Hastily, she minced her way to the staircase, and quickly descended. She huffed breaths because the bodice of her fire-red dress was tight as a corset.

Even though she remained invisible, Kandace felt relieved she saw no one. She wasn’t without mass. Someone could definitely feel her.

Oh crap, oops. There had been no one on the stairway when she’d just looked.

Now, two brawny men in matching dark suits pistoned their legs, trotting up the stairs. Thinking, yet acting on instinct, Kandace clambered astride the banister. Thank the Goddess, it was a straight slide to the bottom now.

She whooshed downward easily because of her expensive pantyhose. As she whizzed past the two super security guys, her skirt brushed the thigh of one. Hardly breaking stride, he glanced back.

“Felt one of your damn ghosts,” he growled to his partner.

“Told you the place is haunted,” his partner replied.

“Yeah, yeah. Casper isn’t happy tonight.”

“No one’s happy tonight with that painting disappearing right beneath our noses.”

“We’ll get the bastard, or fucking bastards.”

“Yeah, no cat burglar is that good.”

I am that good. For I am the notorious cat witch burglar.

Squinching her eyes shut, Kandace prepared herself for a collision with the Roman-style column at the end of the banister.

Her butt hit with a big ole thwack!

“Ow.” Kandace briefly rubbed her stinging derriere. Scrambling to the floor, she hurried toward the women’s lounge.


Uncaged Review: This is not a normal story that I’m drawn to, but I really enjoyed this book. Kandy is a witch, who doesn’t really know her past, and Zol and Zin are two of Hades very accomplished hellhounds, that are also a couple of gorgeous men in their human form. To stay in the Upperworld they must attach themselves to one witch. Wooing her with knowledge of her background and where she comes from, entices Kandy to them. When evil threatens the hellhounds and to save her homeworld, Kandy must bring out her strongest magic. 

There is some great action and suspense, and some very hot sex scenes between the three. And there is a lot of fun banter. This is an intelligent, well thought out, original story, with some mythology and scifi thrown in with the supernatural. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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Uncaged Review - Sasha Bishop: Shifter by Carly Jordynn

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Sasha Bishop: Shifter
Carly Jordynn
Paranormal Romance

Her classmates are becoming vampires.
Sasha is accused of being their Sire. 
The one person she thought she could trust has turned against her. 
Secrets from the past haunt Sasha’s present, making her senior year one of turmoil and deception.

Uncaged Review: This is a fun read and brings you back to the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” days in a lot of ways. Sasha is a Slayer of vampires and also a Halfling – half vampire, with a lot of the bonuses and none of the drawbacks of being a full-on vampire. Her job is to kill vampires who are killing humans – mostly the young ones that can’t control their urges. But someone is turning Sasha’s classmates from school into vampires, and everyone is saying that Sasha is the one doing it. Along comes Rhydian, who adds some conflict between Sasha and Hutch, and eventually he helps in starting to unravel the secrets that were never told to Sasha. 

There are a lot of secrets, some suspense and plenty of action. This book has a good pace. I didn’t particularly fall in love with the character Sasha right away, especially after what she does in the beginning of the book to her boyfriend Hutch, but she grew on me as I kept reading. This is a book that sits inside a series, and is a follow-up to another story, but it’s an easy read as a standalone. Reviewed by Cyrene

Side note: My apologies to the author, in my review in the magazine, I used the name "Sara" in my review instead of "Sasha." I don't know why I mixed them up, but I've fixed that here.

4 Stars

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Uncaged Review: Betwixt & Between by Alexis Duran - with excerpt!

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read an interview with Alexis, please see the link below.

Betwixt and Between
Alexis Duran
Fantasy/Gay Romance

Blurb: Reporter Ian Evers, obsessed with magical creatures since childhood, never experiences satisfying proof that the magical realm actually exists until he falls into an entrapment spell set by a handsome but dangerous elf. Barely escaping with his soul intact, Ian is able to undo the hex, but he can’t escape the very real infatuation he’s developed for the fierce, alluring elf.


Even as the first haunting chords drifted up the cement stairwell, Ezekiel detected a nibble on his bait. He pressed his bow more firmly to the strings on his violin and pulled his elbow back. His prey drew closer.
He’d had his doubts about setting up in midday and in such a busy, public spot, but a tug at his instincts had guided him here. Over the centuries he’d learned to never ignore that tug. The music echoed nicely, penetrating the dull roar of the Pike Street Market above and the viaduct below. From the open staircase, he had a partial view of the waterfront and Puget Sound beyond.
He’d set up on a landing below street level on the stairs that led from the waterfront to the market. On a rainy Tuesday in February, the market wasn’t the teeming morass of humans it usually was, and Ezekiel easily sensed the motions of the liosa as it descended the stairs.

He threw a little more passion into Smetana’s symphonic poem, Vltava. The lines cast out by the music shimmered darkly in the dull light. Like the strings on his violin, the lines vibrated and emitted sounds only he could hear beneath the music. The liosa’s thoughts whispered in his ear. It was cautious but curious. Untrained. Ezekiel detected no significant magical protections, and thanked his lucky stars for this gift.

Don’t lap at the blood before it is spilled, he cautioned himself. Though he sensed his prey was utterly unaware of the trap, he could be spooked if Ezekiel revealed any of his power too soon. And so he played on, risking only a quick peek from beneath his eyelashes.

The liosa had paused a few steps up from the landing, just beyond the wall that blocked the view of the rest of the stairwell. He lingered in the shadows but did not radiate any fear. Ezekiel caught a glimpse of wind-tousled blond hair, large dark eyes, a lumpy coat, and battered hiking boots.
Ezekiel pulled some of the liosa’s essence toward him along the strings and conjured a clearer picture. Human male, slim and tasty. Ezekiel’s favorite form. The man had the dark mocha-colored eyes of a High-Wood alfar, but Ezekiel recognized no clan markings, no talismans, no link to the past. This was most excellent. No one would miss him. A fresh, unclaimed source of power, his for the taking. Even the dark queen Ysolde might not be aware of him.

The liosa held a camera and was about to take Ezekiel’s photo. He was as good as caught.


Ian was already late, but when he heard the whispered strains of classical music drifting up the stairwell from the lower levels of the market, he instinctively followed them. He didn’t know why. He remained oddly compelled even when the music lured him from the sidewalk and down the stairs, well away from his intended path. Buskers often plied their trade down here, taking advantage of the great acoustics and heavy tourist traffic. Foot traffic was pretty light today, it being off-season.
Ian was due to meet Dijeree at the coffee shop on Pine and 4th, but she’d be happily surfing the net and wouldn’t mind waiting a few extra minutes. He’d sensed magic afoot and couldn’t pass it up. That was his job, after all—finding and cataloging the magical creatures lurking in Seattle’s shadows. Readers of the tabloid he worked for, The Cosmic Eye, gobbled up his stories, and with every contact, however dubious, he inched a bit closer to unlocking the vast magical mystery that shrouded his life.

A flash there, a ripple here. A haunted rowboat. A flying spoon. A burning book. A talking cat. All these things added up to something. He just didn’t know what yet.

His first impression of the musician in the stairwell was that, yes indeed, he’d stumbled across a magical creature. Shadowed lines resolved into a dark-haired figure in a long, heavy coat and high leather boots. The outfit looked like something a down-and-out musketeer might wear, the coat being old-fashioned, fastened with two rows of brass buttons, and well-worn. His shoulder-length black hair hid most of his face. He was tall, and he posed in a jaunty fashion with one leg up, boot resting on a concrete block. His violin case sat open before him, and gleaming coins speckled the black velvet lining, though no one stopped in the few moments Ian stood watching.

The man radiated magical energy but otherwise looked perfectly normal except for the outfit, which could be considered normal among the odd musical and dramatic types that wandered the market. For a while he made no indication of being aware of Ian, but then with a flick of his head he tossed the hair out of his face and quickly moved his gaze from the violin to Ian. That was when Ian knew for sure the man was some sort of magician.

His eyes were smoky blue or stormy gray or some combination of dusty sapphire and silver. Whatever they were, they weren’t human. And he was ridiculously handsome like he should be fronting a rock band, not busking for quarters in a dark stairwell. This made Ian wonder if it was lust rather than magic drawing him in. Could just be an ordinary guy. He doubted it. The music was penetrating Ian’s soul, rooting him to the spot. He’d fallen for glamour casting 101.


Uncaged Review: This is touted as a Gay Romance, but it’s really much more than that. It’s a very dark fantasy, with a dark Queen who enslaves the dark elves, and destroys the light elves and steals their light souls – and she’s hell bent on power. Ian is a reporter for a small newspaper that reports on magical beings, and he becomes hexed by Zeke, who is a dark elf, or svarta, and is under the control of the Queen. Ian’s friends help him to break the hex, and meets with Zeke again, after finding out that he’s half elf himself. Here is where the romance truly begins. Ian and Zeke have a romantic interlude, and their power combined, seems to complete each other. But Zeke is recaptured by the Queen and tortured. Ian needs his friends to try and break Zeke free from the Queen’s hold, but it will take all his newly burgeoning powers, and even that may not be enough.

This book was an original story, even though it’s about light vs. dark, the author spins a nice storyline with nicely descriptive places. I would have like to delve more into the backgrounds of some of the characters, as I feel that would have given me a better connection to them. Being in the category of Gay Romance just doesn’t do this book justice, I think it would benefit from an added category. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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Uncaged Review - Dark Heart of the Sun by S.K. Ryder

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the entire issue, see the link below.

Dark Heart of the Sun
S.K. Ryder
Paranormal Romance

She is determined to live life on her own terms. Destiny has other plans. 

Rookie journalist Cassidy Chandler wakes to an ugly bruise on her neck, a hole in her memory, and a fiancĂ© who seems to know more about what happened than he’s telling. It’s enough to make Cassidy call off the engagement and move out, even if that means trading a posh South Florida mansion for a dilapidated beach house. Unfortunately, she also trades one devious man for another questionable character in her unexpected new roommate: the darkly enigmatic and exasperatingly French Dominic Marchant. 

For Dominic Marchant secrecy is a matter of survival. As a newborn vampire with dangerous enemies, he’s sure the headstrong young woman invading his lair with an unknown vampire’s mark on her throat is about to get him killed. But the charming Cassidy resists his every effort to make her leave and even embroils him in her own tumultuous life. Before he knows it, she has stolen his heart and helps him rediscover his lost humanity. Now he’s fighting to protect her not only from the ancient vampires hunting him, but also from his own deadly desire for her. 

But her secretive ex isn’t done with her yet, and neither is the dark prophecy Cassidy and Dominic’s unlikely relationship has set in motion. Together they are swept up in a battle where nothing is as it seems, love and deception are the weapons of choice, and the only way to survive is to risk everything—for each other. 

Uncaged Review: Cassidy is trying to make her way as a journalist, and right away in the beginning, she is breaking up with her very wealthy finance, Jackson – and moving out on her own. Which is hard to do with her very unhealthy bank account. She ends up renting a cottage in shambles near the beach. Little does she know, that the lower bedroom is already occupied, and by a very hot guy, Dominic. Little does Cassidy know, but she’s about to be thrown into a world she never knew existed. 

This was fast-paced read, with plenty of action, romance and witty dialog. Dominic is at times, the monster he has become, and other times the most romantic and endearing character. The characters are well flushed out, and there is plenty of drama and action. A couple twists in the story makes it a great read. Looking forward to this story continuing. Review by Cyrene

5 Stars

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Uncaged Review - The Night Man Cometh by Tony-Paul de Vissage

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full magazine, see the link below.

The Night Man Cometh
Tony-Paul de Vissage

Limousin, France, 1249: In one night, Damien La Croix loses his life and his soul, as he willingly choses Undeath rather than perish of the Plague. Once risen as a vampire, he takes his betrothed into the dark with him, but something goes wrong and Antoinette perishes. Now, Damien begins a solitary walk through the corridors of time searching for that one person to take his beloved’s place.

Through Mankind’s long centuries, many women and one man cross his path, respond to his enticements, and are forced to make the choice. None survive to become his companion in the darkness, and so many are lost, now even Damien begins to ask himself the question: Is there no one for me to love…in spite of what I am?

…for when the Night Man Cometh, Death is never far behind...

Uncaged Review: This is the first of a kind for me. This book doesn’t merely span years or even decades, it spans more than a millennia in the life and death and undeath of Damian laCroix. We begin in 1249, France, where the plague is ravaging the village of Limousin. Damian is the son of the Marquix, and a selfish man, but also vulnerable at the same time. His only wish is to live and marry his love, Antoinette, but the plague has taken a hold of her. Desperate and inconsolable, Damian wanders into the forest, and to the large pit that has been dug to throw in the bodies of the villagers who have passed on. Here he meets LeMaitre, a sansmort, or vampire. In his desperation to not catch the plague, Damian makes a deal to be Turned with LeMaitre. When he is Turned, he goes to his Antoinette, to be able to “save” her, by turning her as she’s near death from the plague, so they can be together forever.

I can’t go into the full story, but there is betrayal, and over the course of the book, you see the creature that he is along with the humanity that still exists within him. The only thing that Damian is looking for - a woman that he can love forever. 

This book is not a vampire romance, nor is it a nosferatu, with the vampire only a monster. It lies somewhere in the middle, as it chronicles this very long unlife of Damian. This book has a very dark tone, but the ending surprised me. Well worth the read for vampire fiction, and highly recommended, although not for the faint of heart. Review by Cyrene

5 Stars

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Interview with Myra Nour - and Horror Extravaganza Info!

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read excerpts from Demon Killer and the Uncaged reviews, see the link below.

And to start, don't miss the Horror Extravaganza that will happen on Myra Nour's Horror Blog! With creepy tales, author giveaways and other prizes!

1) What was your first book? When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

Love’s Captive. While attending college I started writing short stories. Most have been published in a small magazine and one in Twilight Times emag. I did not really get serious about writing until I dreamed Love’s Captive one night in 1977.  The synopsis got stuck in a drawer and not written until 1997, and then published in 2001.

2) Who are some of your favorite authors now, and what genres do you tend to read the most?

I love horror, ever since I used to sit up with my brothers and watch those old late night horror movies like Frankenstein and the Werewolf. Even though Stephen King is my favorite author, I never thought about writing horror until recently.

When I read, it is usually horror, and mostly zombie stories. These creatures used to scare the heck out of me and I had horrible nightmares if I watched a zombie movie. But I grew to like the characters & storyline when the movie or book is well-written. I am fascinated with how people survive a zombie apocalypse; the actual struggle and how an individual character develops through the drastic circumstances of their world. I am a big The Walking Dead fan.

A few of my favorite authors who write zombie stories are Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney & Bobby Adair.

3) I’ve read four of your stories now, and they all share one thing in common. The writing proves that you were meant to be an author. The stories are original and well thought out and so well written, that you take your readers into the story with you. What inspires the stories for you? 

Thank you so much. Depends on the story. I know you recently read Be Mine Forever, a short story with a female serial killer. The idea came from an exercise in a creative writing class. Pick a word and create a story around it. Mine was hatchet.:)

Demon Killer – I can’t remember where that came from, but I’d guess a dream, where I often get inspiration.

Better Than Candy – A zombie short story about a young boy. I purposely tried to think of the most horrific aspect of a zombie story I could create; it was about a child turning into a zombie.
Legacy of Death came from a dream.

4) A lot of books, I can predict a lot of the events in them but I really love the fact that you add some twists to stories that I don’t see coming. That just steps the book up another notch for me. What is the most difficult to write? What’s the easiest?

Difficult, you are going to laugh. I hate writing blurbs!!
Easiest, dialogue between characters. I love interactions.
The twists just come from my wild imagination.

5) Where is your favorite place to write? A lot of authors love to listen to music, and even have a playlist for their book. Do you like to listen to music while writing, or do you prefer quiet?

I have an office so that is my favorite place to write. Sometimes I take a notebook with me if we are going to the park for example, which is a nice environment to get creative. Honestly, I can write anywhere if the muse is strong. My most prolific writing was when I worked a job and I wrote on my notebook during breaks.
Music – Nada. I like quiet.

6) What’s in the near future for you? What can we expect to see coming?

Loose Id is republishing one of my old Ellora’s Cave book – Shifter’s Desire: Vampire Fangs & Venom. I toned it down from an erotic to a sensual level. Not everyone wants to read erotic so I figured this is a good way to reach new readers with a good oldie. It was my bestseller at EC. If we are both happy with how it does, then I’ll be giving them the rest of my older titles from EC.

My blog will keep building; it’s grown tremendously in views in just over 2 months. I’m going to keep writing zombie short stories to publish for free so readers can get a taste of my horror writing.

Eventually, I will finish the zombie novel I’m working on and publish it; either traditional or Indie.

7) Are we going to see more horror/paranormal in the near future? 

LOL. See answers above. YES. One last thing about the zombie novel I’m working on…my daughter kept bugging me to write a zombie tale. I said no, not unless I came up with a unique twist. I wasn’t sure about that, because there are so many zombie stories. Many have a lot in common. And I did come up with a new idea.

8) What would you like to say to fans, and where can they follow you?

Check out my blog. If you love horror please check out my stories. If you love romance check out my new release from Loose Id when it comes out (don’t know date yet). Look for my Horror Reviews in Uncaged Book Reviews starting in the Oct 2016 issue.

Myra Nour is the author of several best-selling romance novels, including Love’s Captive. She retired as CEO of BTSeMag in January 2016 and began focusing on her horror books. She is a huge fan of horror, loves The Walking Dead and devours zombie books. She is currently working a zombie novel of her own. Loose Id will soon be republishing one of her older titles from Ellora’s Cave, Shifter’s Desire: Vampire Fangs & Venom.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Uncaged Review - Fallen Death by RB Austin

As seen in Issue 3 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To read the full issue, see the link below.

Fallen Death
RB Austin
Fantasy Romance

Hurt. Maim. Kill. 

An explosive, volatile demon lives inside Sarid.
The monster seeks murder and destruction. The man seeks peace; or a silence that can only be found in death.

Until he meets her.

But his secret could ruin everything.
Trust her instincts. 
Asjhone will do anything to keep her son safe. She conceals her terror during the day, but when the sun goes down, it’s locks, chains, and nightmares.

Until she meets him.

Sarid is everything she’s dreamed of. He adores her son, is kind, and would never hurt her.
But her secret could ruin everything.
Life is made up of choices.

Lose his life or lose his love? Run from her past or stand up and fight?

They must confront their pasts together, and fight for their future against a demon determined to win.

Amazon Link

Uncaged Review:  This is a the third book in a series, and I had not read the first two, and the book stood up well as a standalone, but you will want to read the rest after reading one. The writing is superb, the characters are well flushed out, and the original story pulls you right in. And I like the fact that the author gives you a dictionary in the front of the book, to help understand all the new words and their meanings.

The warriors in this book are known as Behnshma, created to protect the Followers (humans) from the Fallen (dead beings created by Apollyon) that consume the souls of Followers to survive. Each of the Behnshma has their own strengths and powers. This story is about Sarid, who shares his soul with an Other (demon). Hearing the demon’s voice in his head, and at times losing control of him, puts everyone, including his warrior brothers at risk. Sarid has decided it was time to end his life, for the safety of everyone around him. Enter Asjhone and her son Keandre. Both with a brutal past, who seems to calm both Sarid and his demon.

This is well written, and the demon you will hate, and then love – is hell for Sarid, trying to control the demon from getting loose – as he destroys everything in his path with no regard once he breaks free. Sarid’s torture, Asjhone’s bitter past, and the witty banter from his achs (brothers) will have you turning the pages faster and reading way too long. You will laugh out loud at the boys, and ache for Asjhone and Keandra. The ending of this one is a satisfying one, and I’ll make time to continue on with this series. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars