Uncaged Book Reviews is a labor of love. When the eMag, BTS Book Reviews ended, I wanted to find a way to continue working with authors and helping to promote them. Being a designer, and a book lover, Uncaged was born. This new take on a book review magazine, is to give more space, give the reader a bit more to read, to get a better feel for the author, to help them find "their next favorite author." There are so many terrific authors, that need more recognition for the wonderful work they do, and Uncaged will do it's best to help.

The name came from the idea that I wasn't going to limit authors or reviewers, the limits were lifted, so Uncaged was a fitting name. 

So thank you. To the authors, promoters, publishers and readers. You are all pushing Uncaged to new heights very quickly, and I am honored and humbled, that you are as enthusiastic about this magazine as I am. We are going to be moving quickly into unchartered waters, and I'm looking forward to the journey. :)

I'm a book lover. Plain and simple. There will never be enough time to read everything I want to. I read a bit of everything, but my main love is paranormal/urban fantasy. Working with a magazine, I've grown to enjoy many others during my time as a reviewer. Young Adult, Historical, Fantasy, Mystery and yes, even Horror! Yikes! I also live on a farm, and right now I own goats. Silly, funny, always getting into trouble, goats. I lost my horse a little while back, so even though that was heartbreaking, someday I'll find a new horse to love. All in time. So you may see a blog post about my adventures here in farmland Wisconsin. I garden, can veggies, and pull off new recipes and fun DIY projects that probably don't look like anything you've seen before. Hey, if it works - but I'm definitely not a contractor or master builder...so don't laugh at me too much. Hope you join me on this adventure.

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