Friday, August 5, 2016

Uncaged Book Review - Heart of Fire by Kerri M. Patterson

A Heart of Fire
Kerri M. Patterson
Historical Romance/Medieval

Uncaged Ratings: Adult
Historical/Medieval Romance
Graphic violence
Hot sex scenes (not considered erotic)
Language for the era

Blurb: Valdrik Haraldson is bent on avenging his slain family, on making his foes pay dearly—even if that means sneaking onto enemy lands to kidnap and return the long lost daughter of his jarl. 
When Valdrik rips Finna from her life and returns her to her parents, not only is she startled to learn that the man she thought to be her father is truly her uncle, but that the mother she always longed for is alive. 
Used unjustly in a game of revenge, now that she is free of the life imposed upon her, she is ready to start anew—only to learn she is the promised bride Valdrik was to receive for her rescue. As the two learn to love one another, they discover a passion as hot as the brightest fires of winter—and a cruel plot forged to tear them apart forever. 

Uncaged Review:

Normally, I don’t look to read medieval times books when I’m looking at historicals, but this book may have just changed my mind. I was caught up the moment I hit that first page. The author did a fantastic job with the setting, language, clothing and the characters. A tough shieldmaiden, Finna, was taken hostage as a baby by her uncle, as revenge on his brother. Lied to all her life, Finna believed she was the enemy of her true father’s people, and trained as a warrior instead of being brought up as a woman in the halls. After she is captured by her real father’s men, and taken home to her mother and father, does she learn the truth of her life. Her father gives her hand in marriage to the man who rescued her, and will become the next leader - Valdrik. And of course, that doesn’t go over all that well. We get to watch, with bated breath, as the two of them slowly fall in love, but there are evil plans that may tear her whole world apart. Finna will risk her life for those she loves...

 The author does a fantastic job, with the setting, the language and the character development. 
There is plenty of action, and some of it graphic - and some very hot sex scenes. But even through it all, it’s a sweet love story. Well written and easy to picture in your mind, you won’t put this one down too long.

A solid 4 Stars

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