Thursday, July 7, 2016

A New Beginning...

I want to thank all the staff I worked with at BTS Book Reviews. Myra Nour, Dawn Seewer, Babs Hightower, Melanie Marsh, all the columnists that I truly enjoyed reading each issue, and the reviewers. You were all amazing, and taught me so much. I'm proud to call you all my friends. To all the wonderful authors that I worked with, thank you is not enough - but maybe Uncaged will be.

With the winding down of BTS Book Reviews, make sure you see the final issue at - and you will see the full page announcement for Uncaged. Uncaged is going to be a different magazine, with Author Features at the heart of the magazine. It's already getting some attention, and the first magazine will release on August 1st. I'm so excited that the authors I've already been talking to, are loving my vision. So get ready...August 1st will come quickly!

I will also open up this blog to authors who would like to be guests for a day - specially after the issue is released.


  1. Cyrene, it was great working with you and all the wonderful staff. I am very interested in seeing what you do with your review site and emag. You are a go-getter, so I expect it to be fab.:) Myra

  2. Thank you Myra! I'm very excited about the new magazine, and the ability to keep promoting authors. I couldn't have done it without learning from BTS. :)


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