Friday, July 15, 2016

Better Than Candy - Free short story by Myra Nour

Better Than Candy by Myra Nour
Genre: Horror/Gothic
Short Story
Free Read!!

From the start, I was yanked into this story – and I couldn’t stop reading. A young boy is hiding in his basement, trying to stay as quiet as he can, so the “monsters” upstairs won’t hear him. All the emotions and things he’s feeling, you are pulled right along with him. When he finally gets the courage to come out from his hiding place, things take a turn pretty fast.

This is a great short story, very mesmerizing. I had to read to the end without pause, and there is a twist to this story at the end that surprised me, and that’s not easy to do.

Honestly? I think this would be a great short story, that would be a perfect companion to a longer novel.

Uncaged Rating: 5 Stars

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