Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review - A Good Night by Danielle Devon

A Good Night (Night Bound Book 1)

Danielle Devon Short Story
Genre - Historical Paranormal/Fantasy


A dark and chilling gothic romance.

As the youngest daughter born to the Marquis of Whitney, Isabella knew all too well the tempers of men. She dreamed of nothing more than escaping her gilded cage. Spoke her prayers in the dark, to whatever God or Devil may listen.

Lucien heard his name, not from above, from within. Inside his own mind, deep in his soul, her voice was a whisper. A prayer, a calling, a summoning he could no longer deny.

Was he an angel sent from the heavens to save her? Or a demon cast from the darkness to tempt her?

Uncaged Review:

This book was mesmerizing. The youngest daughter of five, Isabella had a different beauty than her sisters. Her father, was a brutal man, who blamed her for her looks, and never to be able to fetch a good husband. Beaten by her father and dreaming of escape, Isabella sends her prayers into the night and even within her dream

Lucien hears her within his soul, and comes to her. But is he a dream, a devil, or an angel?

I'm really hoping this short story is the jump off of a new series, and this story continues. I was taken aback at the dark, gothic touches and I want to know more! And I won't be able to draw any good conclusions about Lucien, without reading more. Hint, hint to Ms. Devon.

Uncaged Rating: 5 Stars

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  1. Nice review and my same thoughts about the story.


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