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Uncaged Review - Highland Resurrection by BJ Scott

As seen in Issue 2 of Uncaged Book Reviews:

Highland Resurrection
BJ Scott
Historical Romance/Highlander

Blurb: Gravely injured during the massacre at Berwick on Tweed and with no memory of his past, Brother Lazarus was raised by monks until called upon by the Catholic Church to take up arms and protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. As a member of the ill-fated Knights Templar, he is haunted by the horror of battle and the atrocities he witnessed at the hands of the French King, Philip the Fair, in his attempt to destroy the once-sacred order. Aided by a disgruntled French guard, he escaped on the night before his execution and flees to Scotland, but remains a fugitive. King Philip is convinced he also absconded with religious artifacts and a valuable treasure.
Despite his attempt to remain sequestered with the monks who raised him, Lazarus visits Berwick, convinced it holds the key to his identity and past. While there, he prevents a lass from being raped—a Good Samaritan act that has him questioning his vows of celibacy and puts him and anyone around him in danger.
Sheena MacClaran, wrongly accused of being a whore, harbors secrets of her own, but finds herself drawn to the mysterious monk who tends to her injuries and befriends her wee brother. Has she finally found a man she can trust and love, or will demons from his past and a king’s wrath catch up with them and tear them apart forever?

Uncaged Review:

This is a nicely paced Highlander historical. Sheena, wrongly accused as a woman who lifts her skirts for money, is attacked on her way home from the markets. Brother Lazarus, who was raised by monks, sees the attack and comes to Sheena’s aid. Leaving her in the hands of a friend to get her home, he can’t stop the guilty feelings he has for not seeing her home herself. So he sets out to find her, and when he finds her, she’s very sick with an infection from the wound on her arm. Finding she is the caretaker of her younger brother, Brother Lazarus remains with her and her brother until she is well enough again. 
  But Brother Lazarus has secrets – and doesn’t know who he really is, and Sheena has secrets of her own. Unraveling the story around both of them, the author does a nice job interweaving the characters, with a bit of mystery, danger and action within the romance. Once you get to the halfway point, the book is hard to put down. Even though this is a series book, and this was not the first book in the series, I had no problems catching on, and can easily be read as a standalone. 

4 1/2 stars

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