Sunday, September 25, 2016

Uncaged Review - Infernal Magic by C.N. Crawford

As seen in Issue 2 of Uncaged Book Reviews. To see the full magazine, see the link below.

Infernal Magic
C.N. Crawford
Urban Fantasy

Blurb: She’s forgotten her past. Too bad her past won’t return the favor.

Ursula can’t remember a single thing from before three years ago, so she has to keep her life simple. All she wants is to earn enough money for rent--and maybe a bit left over for a new pair of boots.

But on her eighteenth birthday, all hell breaks loose... quite literally... when a hellhound shifter shows up in her kitchen. Kester’s lethally gorgeous, and he’s come with a terrifying message: Ursula owes her soul to a demon.

No one seems to care that she doesn’t remember striking that deal.

Thrust in the middle of a demonic war, Ursula fights her way across New York--and through the fae realm to survive. Along the way, she must reclaim her magical knowledge and her long-forgotten skills with the blade if she wants to escape eternal damnation.

Uncaged Review: A lot of action, this is a non-stop, excellent start of a new series. Fresh and original, with characters you can cheer on.
Ursula has no memory of her life before the age of 15, and when she turns 18, she loses her job, almost about to be evicted, and she comes face to face with Kester, a gorgeous hellhound who collects souls for the goddess Emerazel, whom she obviously struck a deal with, before her memory loss. Now if she wants her soul back, she’ll have to become a hellhound herself, and due her duty. But messing up her first assignment could send her straight to the goddess’ inferno for eternity. 

Lot of action, and the showdown and the fight between light and dark, the fight is violent and and well written. I’m definitely looking forward to more works by this author duo. Although this one doesn’t have any romance to speak of, there were definitely sparks between Ursula and Kester, which I hope is explored in the next book. 
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars

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