Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Uncaged Review of Born Yesterday by Tatter Jack

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Born Yesterday
Tatter Jack
Fantasy Romance

No, not here—down there. 
See her? The woman behind the rock? The one with a Glock 43 in her hand? That’s Schae Summers, fantasy author. She only came to Scotland to do some book research. Not to be chased over the heather by a wolf. Because everybody knows there aren’t any wolves in Scotland, right? 
Well right now Schae’s wishing someone had told the one behind her. 
But being chased is one thing—even if it’s by a wolf. Being chaste? That’s something else entirely. Especially where men with storm grey eyes are concerned. Men like Darek Banakar—who just might be more dangerous than any wolf. 
So here she is. Schae Summers. She’s smart, and she’s hip. She wasn’t born yesterday - but she’s going to be.

Uncaged Review: It’s hard to group this book into a single category, as it actually spans a few, but I’m putting into fantasy, although it can have some romance and contemporary mixed in. 

I took a couple days before typing out my review on this one, so I could let it brew for a bit. Schae is a best-selling author, whose nightmares she has on a nightly basis, are part of what she writes about, and partly what keeps her sane. Her publicist tells her to take some time off, and she decides to take a working vacation in Scotland. She meets Darek, whom she’s drawn to. And on top of that, as long as Darek is close by, she doesn’t have the nightmares. This is not an erotic, but it does have some language in a couple places that also takes a bit away from the impact of the romantic elements. Using the language so frequently used in erotica doesn’t really do anything for the story. But they are not that often used here, and it’s easy to overlook them.

Now it took me awhile to actually get really involved with the story, as it’s written in the not-often-used second person narrative, and honestly, it doesn’t read all that well for a lot of people. I did get used to it, but I wouldn’t want to read a lot of books in this style, as it’s very distracting from the storyline. With that said, there was some great twists to this story, and the end just gobsmacked me. It was a bit confusing for quite awhile, and then toward the last half of the book, things started clicking into place, but I would never have guessed the ending, which is good thing. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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